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02 NOV

What am I up to?

Category: Genealogy Update

I have been  busy researching for my church. Although our current building is only 220 years old we have reasonable documentation available and I wanted to research and write up what I could. A particular focus has been the servicemen and women of WW1. What started as an idea for a noticeboard or two has become a 124 page booklet and I'm not done yet.

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04 AUG

John Douglas the railway carter

Category: News

I hope to be in contact with decsendants of John Douglas, the eldest son of Charles Douglas the blacksmith. John moved to the Glasgow area where he was a railway carter. His wife had 13 children, many of whom died very young indeed. 

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22 JUL

Family Tree Maker 2017

Category: Genealogy Update

I'm pleased to report that I have been able to download, install and use Family Tree Maker 2017 successfully. I also bought an update for Charting Companion which produces beautiful colour-coded family trees.

I have nothing new to report on the Scottish side and very little on the Northern Irish side, though my cousin Marie Houston has confirmed that ou

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