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22 MAR


Category: News

I hope to add bits of Dad's wartime diary quite soon. Him keeping one, of course, was a breach of military law but lots of people did it and had his troopship been sunk en route to India the enemy would have been denied invaluable gossip abnout Deanna Durbin anyway.

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16 MAR

more news

Category: News

I've added a bit to the McRobbie page, based upon information supplied by Jan Dawson last year. My thanks to her.

I've also tried to add information from James Quigley regarding a wartime mission but for some reason the text has not saved three times.

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13 MAR

Slight glitch

Category: technology

My apologies. There are two slight difficulties currently. Although I can add content I cannot change the font size or colour so you may not spot changes quickly.

The second affects my ability to navigate on the site when editing- I can see the block shapes on each page but need to open each one to find out what is there. So, when Donna Douglas spotted a la

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