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13 MAR

Slight glitch

Category: technology

My apologies. There are two slight difficulties currently. Although I can add content I cannot change the font size or colour so you may not spot changes quickly.

The second affects my ability to navigate on the site when editing- I can see the block shapes on each page but need to open each one to find out what is there. So, when Donna Douglas spotted a la

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12 MAR

Robert Dinning

Category: Genealogy Update

I have successfully added a newspaper clipping about Robert Dinning's parents receiving his posthumous Military Medal.

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10 MAR

computer working

Category: technology

Great news! After 11 months without settings and snipping tool a kind person at work helped me restore my computer. My documents were all intact when restored, though I had backed them up just in case.

I've been bookmarking my Internet Explorer favourites- again, I had been without IE for those 11 months- and sorting out my folders. Subject to work and

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