04 APR

May Bennett

Category: Genealogy Update

I've had this picture for years. THe caption says May Bennett. Was that the nurse or the baby? Was there actually a baby there at all or was it a fancy dress picture? It looks real enough.

Who was May Bennett?

There was a May Douglas and a May Russell but no May Bennett. Unless, of course, it was Gran herself (though I'm not aware of her b

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05 APR

Family Tree Maker 2011

Category: Genealogy Update

I've taken the plunge and installed FTM 2011 on my computer. I managed to import my data easily enough and with a bit of work to import photos have the "book" in reasonable order. 

Trees themselves can be made in poster format and more to my satisfsction than on the earlier version. 

I have tried to import a nice,  eas

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07 APR

Battle of Arras- updated link

Category: Genealogy Update

I've located an online history of grandad's battalions and have been wading through it. An attempt earlier to put up a detailed account failed for some reason so what I've put up now in Charlie Douglas's section is bare-bones, just to see that it did actually go on and stay there.

On 26th May the 5thSR had to provide support in the form of 1

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